Sports and Girls

Do you think we have girl sports and boy sports?? What is a typical girl sport? Yoga? Dance? Cheer leading? Ballet?

What about boy sports? Football? Soccer? Baseball?

Even in sports, the stereotypes exist. Many people think that girls are not “qualified” for playing sports. Even if they do, people think they are not good. 

The practice of excluding girls from “manly” sports start from the younger ages. In elementary school, males play soccer, basketball, or baseball in recesses. However, they do not want females to join and play with them. Even though, females are good players. 

The stars in commercials are usually male sports players. For example, David Beckham probably appeared in many commercials. He even advertised for female’s perfume commercial. Then, where are the female star players? They do appear, however, they are not very favorable in advertisements. 

Then there is another question? How many female players do we know compare to the male players? My answer would be very little. Even though, people are having more interests and trying to support them more than previous years. However, we still need a long way to go for females to be treated equally with male players. 


3 thoughts on “Sports and Girls

  1. I do believe that there are sports that were traditionally made for females and others that were traditionally made for males. I think that there was an assumption that females were supposed to play a certain role in society, and therefore also were only capable of playing sports that reflected their femininity and poise. Similarly, men were generally represented in sports that involved physical contact or exhaustion which reflected their manly and tough characteristic that they were expected to have. Over time and presently, I do believe that the lines distinguishing between traditional male and female sports have blurred. We see female soccer and hockey players, and we see male cheer leaders and figure skaters. I think that there has been a realization that competitive sport is accessible and achievable by both male and females.

  2. Another tool to signify the clear misrepresentation of sex in sport is the average salary of women athletes and men athletes. While most of this has to do with additional salary made from advertisement deals it also stems from the fact that men’s sports leagues tend to rake in higher viewers than women’s sports leagues. Ex. Women’s Professional Soccer Average Salary:$32,000 a year VS Major League Soccer: $138, 000 a year, Men’s Golf — $973,495 VS Women’s Golf — $162,043
    The one sport that women and men salary divide is pretty much non-existent? Tennis. Could it be that it is because it is one of the athletic sports where women can dress more feminine? AKA tennis skirts.

  3. I agree with lwebes, there was a clear division in gender roles and the sports that were “meant” for women compared to men but recently this division has been blurred. This is present in the various sports including ufc, the increased physical contact is usually geared toward sports meant for males but the realization that women are equally capable of achieving that level of competitiveness has recently blurred the division. Although work still needs to be done in breaking the stereotypes of sports women are meant to play, this is a step towards progression. Do you think in the near future men and women will be able to play in the same league? for instance women playing in the nhl or ufc fights between a male and a female?

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