Sports and Girls

Do you think we have girl sports and boy sports?? What is a typical girl sport? Yoga? Dance? Cheer leading? Ballet?

What about boy sports? Football? Soccer? Baseball?

Even in sports, the stereotypes exist. Many people think that girls are not “qualified” for playing sports. Even if they do, people think they are not good. 

The practice of excluding girls from “manly” sports start from the younger ages. In elementary school, males play soccer, basketball, or baseball in recesses. However, they do not want females to join and play with them. Even though, females are good players. 

The stars in commercials are usually male sports players. For example, David Beckham probably appeared in many commercials. He even advertised for female’s perfume commercial. Then, where are the female star players? They do appear, however, they are not very favorable in advertisements. 

Then there is another question? How many female players do we know compare to the male players? My answer would be very little. Even though, people are having more interests and trying to support them more than previous years. However, we still need a long way to go for females to be treated equally with male players. 


Problems in Today’s Mass Media

I want to talk about the topic that we discussed in this week’s lecture, the problems of the mass media. I chose this topic because the advertisements are gone too far. Women are portrayed as objects, it is gender-based, and it provides the misconceptions to many audiences, especially to those young girls.

Most of the advertisements, that we are exposed to, include the concepts of gender. Women are supposed to be skinny and show weakness. The media is telling young girls to look like the picture of the model below. This is ridiculous. They are telling them “if you want to be beautiful, you have to look like this”. Many girls fall for the deception of the media. It is really sad that many girls want to look like this model. She is not the standard beauty of women. She is too skinny. In reality, no one looks like that.

Also, in many of the advertisements, girls are treated like objects. I get very furious at the idea of women treated lower than the products that the companies want to sell. It is unacceptable because women, and even men, are fighting for the equality for both men and women and those advertisements are not very helpful. This is the beer commercial where women were treated like a table for three men. We have seen this video in our tutorial. When I first saw this video, it was very shocking and I could not believe it. It looked like men were caring more about the beer than the woman who was acting as a table. This commercial showed the loss of humanity of the woman in the commercial.

Unlike women in most of the commercials, men are shown to be tough and strong. In ads and commercials, they show dignity. It seems like they have the authority over women and able to control them.

Like this male model, most of the guy models wear fancy clothes and shows dignity in most of the ads. It can be compared the female model that I posted earlier.

I think the idea of revealing women’s bodies in ads and commercials should change because women’s bodies should be treated with dignity and they are not objects for men to enjoy. I also want the “real” women’s bodies to show up on magazines and ads for many girls to feel confident about themselves. The good news is that many changes have been made and it is getting bettersuper-skinny-super-model Danny-Schwarz-for-Ralph-Lauren-Black-Label-MaleModelSceneNet-00